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    Manufacturer's Agent


Yowell Enterprises currently represents the following quality manufacturers"

  • DuPont Kalrez

  • Automated Dynamics

  • GSF Plastics


  • Alpine Polytech




Yowell Enterprises specializes in a number of key industries including Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, and Custom Parts.  Our capabilities in these markets include both standard and custom products for exacting applications.

Dedicated to Quality, Devoted to You!

Our goal at Yowell Enterprises, Inc. is to provide effective solutions designed to boost your business, be it small or a large organization.

Our combination of product, application, materials, and process knowledge enable us to bring our customers together with the best solutions possible for their more critical projects.



At Yowell Enterprises, we offer design and engineering services, logistics expertise, and inventory services to provide our customers with the best possible combination of solutions to their problems.

Andy L., Engineering Manager


“Yowell Enterprises, Inc. is a proven leader in their field and an asset to their customers and principals alike. We've done business with them for fifteen years. They are who we call when we want straight answers, quality parts, and great service.”

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